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How Is a Calf Like a Toddler?

With fluffy hair and a white belt around their middle, untrained Belted Galloway calves are adorable from a distance. They only get cuddly after weeks of training with people who have learned to "speak bovine."

My Plan for a Great 2024

This year, my New Year's Resolutions include seeing the good in everything, especially that working with my oxen team of Topper and Fynn once a week is a joy, not a chore. How we think about things makes the difference. What joyful thoughts will you bring into your life this year?

Counting Blessings on the Farm

Counting Blessings: What Are You Grateful for Today? Today, I'm grateful for the warm and cozy blanket that kept me comfortable during a chilly night. Gratitude truly does make a difference in appreciating the small comforts that often go unnoticed.

Party Animals on the Farm

Once again, Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReinSteer (also known as Topper) will welcome farm guests this year. Last year, he tolerated his red-nose ornament and stood quietly for pictures. And, as long as carrots are involved, he'll fill the role again this year.