Looking for inspiration? Try our frozen marinated steak tips. Ready to cook for an amazing meal. Fresh tips are available at the Loudon Farm Store.
April 5, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
Clipping cows means warm weather is near. Cow clipping is an annual ritual at Miles Smith Farm. Scottish Highlander cattle grow thick, rich coats of hair to protect them from frigid winter weather. Unlike a parka, the cattle can't remove their wooly coats when the weather warms up.
March 29, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
Do you want to try the "cow-cuddling cure"? Do you want to feel the soft breathing of a cow, look into those big brown eyes, smell a cow's sweet breath, and feel the warmth of that big body (101.5 degrees)?
March 25, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
If you crave entertainment, you are invited to join me on regular tours of my farm. I'll conduct a video tour of farm operations and might even show you, Bruce, fixing farm machinery (while he tries to avoid me). I'll take you around the farm. Join me when I feed the cows or visit with the calves. It'll be fun! Watch for my videos on Facebook and here on our website.
March 20, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
Flora, the rescue puppy from St. Croix, joined the farm family last week. She's a bundle of joy, and a package of energy!
March 12, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
Like people, cattle have friends; peers we can butt heads with, and no one is hurt. I'm not suggesting that humans like to smash our heads together, but you've seen teenage boys horsing around—same thing. Head-butting is one way that cattle interact.
March 8, 2021 • 0 comment(s)
There is an empty space here on Miles Smith Farm, too. The loss of Stash seems to have left his ox partner Topper emotionally needy.

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