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Meet the Farmers

A resident of Loudon, NH for over 40 years, Carole Soule and her husband, Bruce Dawson, are dedicated farmers who believe we should all know where our food comes from. In 2000, they purchased Miles Smith Farm* with the goal to provide their customers with healthier meat options by raising Scottish Highlander Cattle humanely and sustainably. They have worked hard to restore the property to its original farming heritage clearing the land of all the brush and young trees.

After about a year of tractor repairs they decided there had to be a better way and asked Miles Smith what he would do. "Let the animals do the work!" It turns out the old farmer's ideas still persist to this day, so his advice was taken to heart: The cattle do the work naturally. They till the soil with their hoofs and fertilize the soil with their manure all while eating grass and brush. We sometimes call them our “lawn mooers.”

Carole and Bruce work with other farmers on market and policy alternatives that protect and maintain biodiversity while supporting local farms that provide healthy, locally raised meat. They advocate for policies and practices that will sustain small family farms.

*Miles Smith first farmed here in the early 1800's. He was a stone mason by trade, helping the Shakers with their stonework. He now resides with his family in the cemetery on the farm and provides us with advice from his peaceful resting place.

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