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Barnyard Etiquette and the Kicking Myth

Every myth has at least a grain of truth. It doesn’t matter how small that truth might be; it gives life to the bigger myth. Here’s one I hear from almost every visitor to the farm. “Don’t stand behind a horse. You’ll get kicked.”

Children + Calves = Self-Confidence

I watched Charlotte work with the calves Millie and Bette. This shy girl’s face lit up as she told the calves to “Walk on.” What a joy to see new-found confidence in her words and her actions! Can a shy girl be a leader? No. But Charlotte became a different girl. She was no longer shy; the calves did exactly what she told them. They steal your heart and teach you to be a better person.

Children and Calves, Perfect Together

The bellowing in the holding pen stopped as I walked across the barnyard. Eleven calves watched me open the gate to come in and feed them in the pen -- a space I think of as the nursery. A day earlier, I had separated these calves from their moms. Why do we keep the mothers and babies separate? It's all about training the calves.