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Get Creative to Help Animals Overcome Fear

Like most of us, I've made the mistake of rewarding an animal at the wrong time – not with snacks, but with kind words. A cow is scared of a rock, so I decide, wrongly, to reward her by crooning, "It's alright. I'm here to protect you from that rock."

New Year's Resolutions

Bad experiences bring useful lessons. This year confirmed and expanded my belief that local is better. Of course, I've learned that other local products also deserve our support and help when the supply-chain becomes unstable again.

Some Livestock Walk on a Leash

Some of you have lived on a farm, some have not, but I bet most of you have a pet. Pets are one way many of us connect to our "farmer-selves." Raising a dog and raising a cow have similarities. For instance, a dog needs to express his "doggie-ness" just as a cow must express her "cow-ness."