You're invited to the Spring Fling on April 20th. Bring the whole family. Everyone will have fun:

Herd Leader

The most crucial factor in a cow's life is her place in the herd. Put a new cow in with others, and the herd goes wild. Sometimes, depending on the new cow's energy, they chase her around the field. Other times the top cow will head-butt the newcomer until she either gives in or becomes the new leader. Once the hierarchy of the herd is re-established, calm returns.

A Herd of Gracious Thanksgiving Guests

To everyone who came out to feed pumpkins to the cattle, they thank you! If you still have leftover pumpkins, apples, turnips, or any other fresh vegetables, bring them out to the farm during store hours (Wed. 1-5 pm, Thur-Sat 10-5 pm). Topper, The Pumpkin King, will be watching for you!

The Boys Are Back, and Winter's Coming

My older Scottish Highlander steers (I like to call them The Boys) are finally back at the farm after spending most of the summer at Ty Miller's pasture in Canterbury. The Boys stayed at Ty's longer than I planned because I was short of help.

It's Pumpkin-Smashing Season on the Farm

If you don't know what to do with your chemical-free pumpkins, bring them to the farm and smash them on-site. Jack-o-lanterns (without candles) are also popular, carved or not. Smashing is welcome on Wed. from 1-5 pm and Thur.-Sat. 10-5 pm (Please wear a mask and social distance.)

It ain't the cold; it's the ice!

As winter approaches, this farmer's annual war on ice is getting started. It might seem that a cattle farmer's first concern in winter would be keeping her cattle warm, but most cattle would laugh at the cold (if cows could laugh). As long as they have a place to shelter from bitter winds, most cows will stay warm.

Outsourcing The Bull-Work

Owning or borrowing a bull would seem to be a requirement to create calves. Blain, a Scottish Highlander bull, had bred all but five of my Highlander cows before I sold him in August. I still have Larry, but he is an Angus bull, and I don't want to mix the breeds. So who would impregnate my “open” (unbred) Scottish Highlander cows? Make that: How would we impregnate those cows? By artificial insemination (A.I.).