We have a new silver bottlefed Scottish Highland calf named Mr. Crackle. Visit this cutie during Store Hours: Fri and Sat from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Most Dogs Don't Want to Be the Boss

Ever since she first arrived, I've spent lots of time teaching my furry friend what is mine and what is hers. For instance, a paper that drops to the floor is mine; shoes are mine; and, of course, the chickens are mine. (Wild turkeys are still a work-in-progress.) The stuffed pig and bully stick are hers. I taught her by standing between her and my item or animal, just like a dog-pack leader would. I blocked her with my feet until she accepted my ownership and walked away.

I've Been Thinking Like a Dog

Flora, my mixed-breed rescue dog, looks more and more like a mini-Golden Retriever every day. I doubt there is such a breed, but if there is, she's one. One habit she and all puppies had was jumping up on people. While it might seem cute to have an 8-pound puppy jumping up on an adult, it's not so cute when she jumps on a toddler, knocking the child down.

Family Planning on the Farm

It's that particular time of year when each cow steps a bit smarter, and the bull gets a twinkle in his eye; it's breeding time at the farm. With good planning and a proven bull, calves should arrive in nine months.

Clean Cattle and Green Grass

Most adult Scottish Highlanders shed their shaggy coats in summer, but not the yearlings. So three of the yearlings, Ted, Hamish, and Murray, sported manure-tangled tails and wore their long hair in mops of matted, twisted cords. Spa treatment was required for these three; a job for my Farm Training 101 class.

Everything You Want To Know About Cows

You are invited to join me for four affordable, hands-on classes at the farm. Each class is 8-11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings for two weeks. The next class starts July 10 and is limited to five students, ensuring personal attention from the cattle and me. Uou do need to love cows and have boots that can get dirty. For details, visit https://milessmithfarm.com/hands-on-training.