Visit our newest Scottish Highland calf during Store Hours: Fri and Sat from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Calves Soothe Your Soul

There's nothing better than finding a healthy newborn calf in the pasture. If you can't make it to the farm to see these bundles of joy, stop by the Audubon pasture on Silk Farm Road in Concord to see 10 of our Scottish Highlander cattle.

Can You Rely on Food From Away?

With the recent closing of the Smithfield’s pork processing plant in Sioux Falls, 20,000 pigs a day now have nowhere to go. The current system is not sustainable because when it breaks, as it has in this pandemic, there might be less meat to buy, and farmers have animals they may need to euthanize.

Teach Farming Online? I Improvise!

The art of farming requires that the farmer be willing to learn skills like getting a reluctant calf to nurse on his mom; extracting a cow whose horns are stuck in a hay feeder (ever do a Chinese nail puzzle?); or fixing a broken machine when you can't get parts. The farmer has to learn to adapt and improvise. It's part know-how and part attitude.

Lonely? In a Herd? Not me!

Have you looked back at the old days and thought how the decisions, big and small, that you made then are affecting your life now? The funeral you decided to skip? The lunchtime page-turner novel that you left half-finished at your office? The dental work that you put off?

The New Normal in Barnyard Retail

Time is now defined as the "before" and "after" days. Remember when a trip to the supermarket was routine? You could pop into your car, walk through crowded supermarket aisles, breathe the same air as fellow shoppers, and checkout without fear? Friends, that was just a few weeks ago! Hopefully, the rate of new infections will soon go down. Eventually, life will return to normal, but will we ever want to go entirely back to "before"?

Fixing, Selling, Sanitizing on the Farm

These are crazy times: schools closed; a toilet paper famine; staying home. It's sort of like a hurricane without the hurricane, or a snowstorm without the snow, except to add insult to injury we did get snow on Monday. A significant difference between a weather disaster and our current pandemic and is that a hurricane or snowstorm comes and goes in a day or two. The end of this is not even in sight. Sheltering in place on the farm with my cows is more of a pleasure than a requirement.