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C'mon Back to the Farm

It is a lucky child who grows up on a farm with cows to milk and a loft filled with hay for games of hide and seek. Just as fortunate is the child who spends the summers on a cattle or sheep farm run by grandparents, an uncle, or maybe a great aunt. That child might witness the miracle of a calf being born or even help a ewe give birth to twins or triplets. Then there are chores, like cleaning stalls and feeding pigs, that help build character and teach responsibility.

Animals Make Us Feel Better

Have you ever come home from a rough day at work or school to be greeted by your dog, tail wagging, bouncing with joy to see you? Maybe your cat or hamster is your companion. No matter their breed, age, or size, pets make us feel better. Many of us have a dog or cat, but few have a cow as a companion.