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Carnivore Diet Package

Carnivore Diet Package

The Perfect Package for the Carnivore Diet - 30 pounds of delicious Grassfed Beef and Chicken Broth; Including-Recipes
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The carnivore diet is simple; you only eat animal foods and products. Everything else is restricted. That means no fruits, no vegetables, no bread or grains, and limiting your dairy intake to low-lactose foods. It's almost the complete opposite of a vegan diet.

The Carnivore diet is sort of an evolution of paleo and keto. It stems from the contested belief that our ancestors ate mostly meat and fish, and high-carb diets are why Americans and other western societies are experiencing such high rates of chronic inflammation, disease, and gut issues.

What's Included:

Six Pounds of Grassfed Cross-Cut Shanks

Five Pounds of Soup Bones

Five Pounds of Grassfed Ground Beef

Five Pounds of Grassfed Beef Sausage (2 Breakfast, 2 Sweet, 1 Hot)

Four Containers of Frozen Bone Broth

One Grassfed Pot Roast

Two Pounds of Grassfed Liver