Scottish Highlander ground beef, steaks, and roasts are in! When you order leave a comment and ask for Scottish Highlander.

Group Events & Tours

Schedule ahead so we know you are coming.

The folks at Miles Smith Farm love to educate about the importance of sustainable, humane farming practices. We are available by appointment for group and family tours where we will explain and answer questions in regards to the cattle or other farm aspects.

  • Self-Guided Tour - Walk around the barnyard and feed the animals carrots.
  • Group Tours - Group tours are available by appointment. A tour of the farm includes:
    • Visits with our cattle. 
    • Meet mini-pig Tazzy and her sister, Penny
    • Visit our goats, lamb, donkey, and heifer in our "petting zoo." 
    • Feed the horses, hug a bunny.
    • Watch the ducks and Lenny, our gander

Fees: $5 per person with a $30 minimum. Tours will be about 1 hour. Our Farm Store will be available for retail purchases at the end of the tour. Please call 603-783-5159 to set up an appointment. We give tours year-round. 

Remember to dress for the weather and wear boots or shoes. No sandals.

Schedule a Group Tour