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One Way Farmers Can Raise Money

Two building lots next to my farm are for sale. While this land is beautiful, it is not crucial to running Miles Smith Farm. At least one family will want to live on a five-acre lot with a view next to my farm. The other three-acre lot with a pond should make someone else happy. I can only hope that my new neighbors will love the land as much as I do.

Under the Stars With My Dogs

At 1 a.m., I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on my robe, then pushed puppy Joy out of her bed. She flopped like a beanbag, half in and half out of her bed. I shoved her out of the dog bed, and she rolled over with her legs still curled underneath. Finally, with one more push, she stood, yawned, stretched, then looked at me like I was crazy. Flora, my older dog, was up and already waiting at the bedroom door.

Loudon Goat Dairy Offers Much More Than Milk

“We didn’t set out to be farmers,” she said, “but we live in an area surrounded by people passionate about farming, who inspired us to give farming a try. Then we realized how wonderful and healthy locally raised food was, and it made sense to start raising our own food.”