For those of you who asked. The beef, pork and chicken we sell has not been given mRNA.
Beef - 20 lbs

Beef - 20 lbs

Twenty pounds of grain-finished beef
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An amazing package of 20 pounds of beef for great savings!

What's Included

2 lbs. steak variety mixture of London Broil/ Minute/Stew/CC shank

2 lbs. steak variety mixture of Loin Strip(NY cut)/Ribeye/T-bone/Porterhouse

 3 lbs. Steak tips/ Kabobs/Chuck steak/Top Round Steak/Sirloin Steak

3 lbs. Roast( Eye of Round/ Top Round/ Bottom Round/Chuck/ Clod) 

1 lb, Beef/Pork Mix

9 lbs. Ground Beef