100% grassfed hotdogs and kielbasa are available!
Beef Share - 20 lbs - CSA

Beef Share - 20 lbs - CSA

Twenty pounds a month for 3 months of grassfed beef
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This monthly share is ready on, or after, the second or fourth Saturday of the month.

Due to the high CSA demand, we have implemented a second pick update: the 4th Saturday of the month. You will be notified of your pickup date via email.

Please note that even though you may be notified that your CSA is ready for pickup - it will not be ready until the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month.

Share includes:

2 lbs. steak variety mixture of London Broil/ Minute/Cube/Stew/CC shank

2 lbs. steak variety mixture of Loin Strip(NY cut)/Ribeye/T-bone/Porterhouse

 3 lbs. Steak tips/ Kabobs/Chuck steak/Top Round Steak/Sirloin Steak

3 lbs. Roast( Eye of Round/ Top Round/ Bottom Round/Chuck/ Clod) 

1 lb, Beef/Pork Mix

9 lbs. Ground Beef

20 lb share: $191 per month

Total: $573 for 3 months

Savings: 23%

Pick up Frequency: Monthly
Pick up Date: 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month
   (Other dates by arrangement)
Duration:  Min = 3 months, Max = unlimited