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Beef Quarter - Grass Fed, Grain Finished

Beef Quarter - Grass Fed, Grain Finished

Approximately 120 pounds of steaks, roasts, ground beef and other cuts for $1,425 - required deposit is $350 with the balance is due on pickup.

This package includes a mix of approximately 45% steaks and roasts, 45% ground beef, and 10% misc cuts.

This is great savings. The total cost for this package is $1,425. 

Quarter Beef

  • Feeds families of 1-2 adults and small children
  • You'll get at approximately 120 pounds of meat fits in a 4 cubic foot freezer
  • You only pay $1,425 which averages $11.70 per pound
  • You'll get roasts and steaks for the same price as our ground beef.