Looking for some delicious steaks? We got fresh highlander in this week!
Beef Quarter - Grass Fed, Grain Finished

Beef Quarter - Grass Fed, Grain Finished

120 pounds of steaks, roasts, ground beef and other cuts for $1195 - required deposit is $250 with the balance is due on pickup.
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This package includes a mix of approximately 45% steaks and roasts, 45% ground beef, and 10% misc cuts, This is great savings at $9.00/pound - approximately $100+ savings. The total cost for this package is $1,195. 

Before buying a quarter beef, you might wonder:

• Is this a good deal financially?

• It's a lot of beef! How can someone possibly eat 100+ pounds of meat a year?

• What about the hassle of storing it?

Six reasons to buy a quarter:

1. Taste: You can't beat the flavor of locally-raised beef. This is partly because or cattle doesn't waste time in transit. It's also because the cattle are handled humanely. Calm cows are tasty cows.

2. Price: Buying a half or a quarter will save you money. The average price per pound of Miles Smith Farm's beef (when buying meat in bulk) is $10/pound. You will need a freezer to store a quarter of our beef, but a new 9-cubic-foot freezer has a one-time cost of about $400-$450, and its yearly energy cost will be about $38. And you can use the freezer for other things, too – like ice cream!

3. Convenience: You'll never have to worry about what's for dinner because your freezer will be full of delicious beef.

4. Humanity: Do you care about how the animals are treated? Then locally-raised beef is for you. It's meat you can connect to and, if you know your farmer, you can ask how your beef was raised and processed.

5. For the Health of It: Parents don't want to be serving their kids the growth hormones and antibiotics that come with commercial meat.

6. Creativity: Are you in a cooking rut, making the same go-to dinners over and over? This is almost impossible when you have a freezer full of beef. Why? Because you now have new cuts to cook. You'll be amazed at all the new dishes you can make, and I’ll help with recipes.