Beef Realities

May 12, 2020

Beef Realities

The demand for locally raised beef is enormous right now. We process beef cattle every week in order to provide cuts and ground beef to our customers.
This week our delivery will be delayed, so fresh meat will not be available until Friday. The store will be open Wednesday and Thursday so you can pick up meat already ordered, but otherwise, the store will be closed for retail meat sales. We will be open on Friday and Saturday (May 15 and 16) for retail customers. 

Grass-fed or Grain-Finished

The demand is so great that we have processed many of our grass-fed cattle, and the remaining supply is limited. 

To provide local meat to everyone who wants it, we are also offering grain-finished beef. The grain-fed beef has been raised in a similar way to the grass-fed cattle except that for 8 to 10 weeks before processing, the steer (or heifer) gets a free choice of grain and hay. 

Each package of beef is clearly marked so you can distinguish between grain-finished and 100% grass-fed animals. 

If you want only grass-fed beef, we still have it – but not as abundantly as usual

Chicken and Turkey

We are out of chicken and turkey because our supplier, Misty Knoll, has processed most of the birds they have available. We are actively looking for an additional supplier of high-quality local poultry.

Lamb and Pork

For now, our lamb and pork supply is ample but it makes sense to order ahead to be sure we have your favorite cuts.

The Future

We thank you for your patience as we rebuild our herd to be able to provide delicious, locally raised beef. This week and next, please shop in the store only on Fridays or Saturdays (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). We are doing our best to meet your needs during this stressful time.

Farmer Carole
Miles Smith Farm

Carole Soule

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