We have a new silver bottlefed Scottish Highland calf named Mr. Crackle. Visit this cutie during Store Hours: Fri and Sat from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Author: Carole Soule

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When is the best time to train a bull? Now!

Mason, a 14-month-old bull, was the fruit of a recent bovine-shopping spree. He’d never had a halter on, and when I tied his rope to the side of the holding pen, he bellowed, thrashed, and flew into the air as he fought the rope. This is the first step in bull training (or any cattle training.

Did You Know That Bovines are Magic?

With patient help from various teamsters, some decades younger than me, I got my first pair, Topper and Flash, to follow voice commands in the show ring and at home, but away in parades and outside the show ring, I never gave up on the lead rope.

How To Train a Calf

Karen Meyers of WMUR visited Miles Smith Farm to learn how to train a calf. She got the basics and is on her way to becoming a "cow whisperer."

Now is the Best Time to Buy a Cow

Many of the cattle I get are scruffy-looking things that have never felt a human hand. So, all my cattle go through my "training course." If they pass, I'll sell them as backyard pets. Folks in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and California buy my tame cows, calves, and steers.