We have fresh and frozen Scottish Highland steaks, roasts, and ground beef.
Beef - Side - Grassfed and Grain Finished

Beef - Side - Grassfed and Grain Finished

Required Deposit is $350 - Final pricing will be due at pickup.
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$5.99 lb hanging weight or about $9.49/pound after the bones have been removed. Final pricing (between $1,800 and $2,400) will be determined by the weight of the side.

These sides weigh around 375 pounds per half-hanging weight which yields about 225 pounds of packaged meat. This package includes a mix of approximately 45% steaks and roasts, 45% ground beef, and 10% misc cuts, This is great savings at $9.49/pound - a 25% savings.

For instance, if the hanging weight is 375 pounds you will pay $2,246 for 225 pounds of beef. This means you will pay about $9.98 per pound of beef which is cut to your specifications and cryovac'd for freshness.