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Yummy Tea

Sun, 2014-12-14 22:10 -- tmdowney

This is a delicious basic tea to drink throughout the day or evening as it is caffiene free.

This recipe is not how to brew the tea, but how to make the loose leaf mix.  Some ingredients you will need to purchase. Make sure to purchase them as loose leaf or bulk tea. Many of the ingredients can be found or grown in your yard or garden or maybe your neighbors.  What a great chance to say, "Hello." to the neighbors and share a cup of tea.

The ingredients are listed in parts. If you want to make a small batch, start with a small "part", like a tablespoon.  If you would like to make a bit more use a 1/4 cup measure as the part.



All ingredients are dry.

4 part Rooibos tea

1/2 part rosehips

2 part nettles

2 part Gotu Cola

2 parts Chamomile

2 parts Lemongrass

1 part Red Clover

1 part Catnip


Mix all ingredients together.  Store in airtight container.

To make a cup a tea, partially fill a tea brewing spoon. Add hot water. Steep for a 2-3 minutes. Add sweetening to taste.


Remember to compost your spent leaves.

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