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Wet Cows

Sat, 2018-01-13 18:55 -- Carole Soule
The pad just after the rain

We had a lot to do before the big thaw was replaced by the big freeze.  Even though I scraped both the Holding Pen and the Feed Bunker pad, they were filled with water again this morning.  Ice dams and heavy rain trapped water where the yearlings eat and sleep.  It was a race to clear the pads of water and get sand down for their bedding. Dale, a farm friend, used the Bobcat to clear the pad and as you'll see in this video, there was a LOT of water even though the pad was clear the day before.

Once the pads were clean and dry, we had to extract unwrapped hay bales from a tarp.  Until the recent big thaw, nine round bales of hay were entombed under a tarp that was crusted with ice and snow. The 50 degree weather took away all the snow, everywhere, so we were able to remove the tarp to get to the hay.  Another big snow, which is expected on Wednesday, would have encased the tarp and the hay again, probably until March. We got the hay moved and the tarp put away.

In addition, Bruce and Dale, got the pig water hydrant to work.  Once again the thaw helped because it uncovered the turn-off valve for the water.

I think we won the race to prepare for the return of the big chill.  Now all the water heaters are turned back on and, until the next thaw, the yearlings have a dry place to eat and sleep. How did you spend your warm weather reprieve?  

The pad after it was cleaned and sanded

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