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Warm Weather Woes

Thu, 2018-01-11 19:32 -- Carole Soule

What's it like to get kicked square in the chest by a 1200 pound horse?  I don't know but Bruce does. Tonight Snap, my twelve-year-old gelding, knocked the wind out of Bruce.  Snap is a bit of a character but this was unusual behavior even for him.  Snap was in pain, he had colic.

Rapid changes in weather, in this case from -20 below to 50 degrees in one day, is a trigger that can cause colic in horses.  Constant cold or constant warm is not the problem.  Extreme temperature changes are the problem which is why Snap got colic. Minutes before he kicked Bruce, Snap was rolling in the snow, poking at his belly with his nose, stretching and running around as if stung by a bee.  He was clearly aggitated and in pain. Bruce was trying to keep Snap away from the other horses' grain when Snap let loose with an unshod rear hoof to the chest. 

Now Bruce was in pain, curled on the ground for minutes trying to get his breath.  The strange thing was that after that kick, Snap seemed to be fully recovered.  I gave Snap some Banamine and he continues to be ok.  It was like a five minute bout with colic and now he's fine.  Not so much with Bruce who eventually did start breathing again, but is in pain.  Bruce hobbled into the house to recover while I finished the chores which meant, feeding the pigs.

My vet assured me that Banamine would not work for Bruce.  Hopefully Bruce will be recovered enough to help feed the pigs tomorrow, hopefully.  I'm pretty sure Snap will be ok.  I'll have to talk with Snap about kicking the person that feeds him and helps me feed the pigs.  Bad horse.

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