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Typically recipes that include oven roasting or other large meat dishes.

Pulled Pork - On The Grill!

Tue, 2018-11-13 08:21 -- Carole Soule
It can be difficult to create pulled pork with a smokey flavor on a gas grill. The trick is to cut pork butt into 3 pieces which gives the smoke more area to flavor. Slat the pork overnight then put it directly on the grill from the refrigerator. The cool temp of the meat will encourage the smoke to condense on the surface. The best way to get the most from your wood chips is to soak half of them in water. This delays when they begin to smoke. Make your foil packets the right size to sit on your grill. Make sure they have the right size and number of openings to let in oxygen so the chips smolder-not burn. Thanks to Lisa Hagemann and Cook's Illustrated  for this recipe
Pulled Pork

Summer Roast Beef

Wed, 2017-05-17 21:55 -- Carole Soule
Too hot for a roast?  Here's a summer solution!  Cook smaller roasts, cool and slice very thin for luncheon meat.  The great news is that the meat can be roasted three days ahead of time and will be delicious served cold.  Be sure to pour the meat juices over the roast beef slices to help keep the meat tender and moist. Farmer Carole and Olivia show Adam Sexton of WMUR TV how it's done on Cook's Corner.
As Seen on Cook's Corner

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