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Spring Salad

Mon, 2016-04-18 13:16 -- tmdowney

A great salad made with some garden and wild greens available in your yard!


Greens from the garden ( or store)

  - Spinach, Arugula, lettuce, chives and/or green onions, catnip, garlic leaves, sweet sorrel

Greens from your yard- Do not include if you use any type of chemicals on your lawn!

   - Dandelion leaf and flowers, violet leaves and flowers, sheep sorrel, yellow wood sorrel, wild mustard, red clover

DandelionsYoung Violets

               Dandelion                           Young Violet       

Wood SorrelRed Clover

               Wood Sorrel                                     Red Clover


Wash well and mix together with cultivated greens, adding less than half wild greens. A little more of the cultivated gives a sweeter salad. 

These wild greens add a great flavor, but are stong for some taste buds.  Although the wild greens offer many health benefits for detoxing your body, they can be high in oxalic acid.  Once cooked, these wild greens release the oxalic acid and are easier for those with a senstive digestion, but that doesn't work for a fresh salad. So stick with the ratio of more cultivated greens to wild greens for a really healthy loaded spring salad.

Add some hard boiled eggs, beans, etc. Summer Sausage is a great tangy addition.  Adding a little seasoned, cooked steak is great. I recommend some marinated flapmeat. Yum!  


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