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Miles Smith Farm can provide you with a number of services:

  • Self-Guided Tour - A self guided tour brochure is always available in the farm store.
  • Group Tours - Group tours are available by appointment. We can give you a tour of the farm (including visits with our cattle that are on-farm at the time), we will show you the feeding areas for the cattle, how our water trough's work and explain some of the building and equipment and why they are set as such. You can meet Charlotte Piggy and the resident birds as well as the horses. We are available to answer questions in regards to the cattle or other farm aspects, like our solar powered farm store. Fees: $5 per person with a $30 minimum. Tours will be about 1 hour. Our Farm Store will be available for retail purchases at the end of the tour. Please call 603-783-5159 to set up an appointment. We give tours year round. Remember to dress for the weather!
  • Cattle - Yep, we have cattle! We have primarily two breeds on the farm: Scottish Highlander (think horns) and Angus cross (think no horns). The Angus are a cross breed, sometimes with highlander, sometimes with other breeds. We have some special cattle that have earned a place because they are very well behaved. Clementine and Missy are both riding cow. Yep, that's right! They are for hire!
  • Cow Rides - That's right pardner - we let people ride our cows. But only certain cows that have been trained for riding. Please call 603-783-5159 for additional information. There are two options:
    • By appointment at our farm.
    • At your residence or place of business.

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