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Rendering Tallow

Thu, 2016-01-28 14:44 -- tmdowney

How to Render Suet to Tallow





knife & cutting board

small hand held metal strainer -  that is not mesh



parchment paper

9x13 pan or some other size




Chop the suet into ½ inch chunks and add to the crock pot.

Fill the crock pot to the top if you have enough suet.

Cover and turn on low. Never high, it will burn.

Let heat for about 8-10 hours.

If the lid is removed, the smell will increase. If the lid is left on it keeps down the smell.  Some people don’t like the smell.  If folks don’t know what it is though, they might ask if you are baking something!  If the heat is too high, it will smoke and smell really bad. Make sure to keep it on low.

A clear liquid will start form during the day.  When it is ready, there will be a cluster of clear-ish chucks all floating together at the top.

It’s time to start straining.  Turn off the crock pot. Prepare the pan with a generous piece of parchment paper.  You want the parchment to go up the sides of the pan, otherwise the tallow runs underneath the parchment and you will have a mess.

Form the parchment to the pan.  

Line the handheld strainer with a piece of cheesecloth to cover the entire stainer.  This will keep the little bits out of the tallow and make for a clean finished tallow.


Using the ladle, ladle by ladle pour the rendered suet through the cheesecloth lined strainer, filling the lined pan.

Once you get to the end of the liquid part inside the crock pot, using the ladle, press down on the floating mass and more rendered suet will get pushed out.  Be careful not to burn yourself - it is hot oil and can burn.  At this point, I prop up my crock pot so that the tallow runs down to one side to get the remaining oil out.

Once the pot is empty, do not disturb anything and let it cool.  It will take a couple of hours. Then everything can safely be handled. I save the pressed suet pieces that are in the crock pot to add into suet cakes when I make them for the birds. They love them!

Your rendered suet, known as tallow is ready for your next project.

This tallow, if kept refrigerated, is a create cooking oil!

It will keep on the shelf (unrefrigerated) for a month (maybe less in the summer). Frozen it keeps for a good long time.


Finished Tallow & tools

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