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To Refrigerate or Not?

Sun, 2016-09-25 10:09 -- Carole Soule

Did you know that unrefrigerated eggs stay fresh for up to six months but once they are refrigerated they have to stay refrigerated? Europeans know this and don't refrigerate their eggs. I'm not sure why Americans decided that we need to refrigerate eggs but we do.

Once an egg has been refrigerated it must stay refrigerated or it will spoil. But if it's never been refrigerated it will stay fresh at room temperature for up to six months. Amazing.

Did you also know that tomatoes are most tasty when stored at room temperature? They might spoil quickly at room temperature, but boy do they taste good. Of course once a tomato is sliced it must be eaten or refrigerated. Because I'm in favor of flavor, I throw out uneaten cut tomatoes.


If your chickens produce eggs it's your choice, to refrigerate or not but please don't refrigerate those tomatoes. You'll appreciate the flavor more if the tomatoes are kept at room temp!

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