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Red Needs a Job

Thu, 2016-12-22 20:57 -- Carole Soule
Red, the single Oxen

Red is looking for a job and he'll work for food. Red loves to eat hay and doesn't even need health care as he has never been sick. He was one of pair of working steers. The team worked well until Red outgrew his partner, Bleu.

Not only is Red 200 pounds heavier than is partner, his horns are huge so long he can't work in a double yoke anymore.

The thing is Red is a gentle giant and is one of the most handsome critters I've ever met. At 1400 pounds he carries his weight well but doesn't throw it around.

Red's outgrew his Oxen partner, Bleu

If we don't find a job for him he'll have to take that one-way trip to the butcher soon. What he needs is a single yoke or harness and a fancy cart or carriage to pull. He'd love to cart humans around. He'd be great at it.

A carriage for Red to pull?

Here's a picture of Red and Bleu at six months old.  Red (on the left) is the "blue" one and Bleu (on the right) is the red one.

Red (on the left) is the "blue" one and Bleu (on the right) is the red one

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