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Maple Lemonade

Tue, 2016-03-22 19:37 -- Carole Soule
There is no better drink than lemonade made with real lemons and real maple syrup.  Once you taste this drink you won't want any other beverage.  And it's good for you too.  The natural sugar in maple syrup is good for your body and the squeezed lemons (lemon concentrate works too) preserves and enhances the maple.  See how it's done on Cook's Corner.

Light Your Fire Tea

Sun, 2014-12-14 22:51 -- tmdowney
This is a spicy tea to drink that has a bit of an after kick. It will warm you up though! It is caffiene free. This recipe is not how to brew the tea, but how to make the loose leaf mix.  Some ingredients you will need to purchase. Make sure to purchase them as loose leaf ingredients or bulk tea. Many of the ingredients can be found or grown in your yard or garden. The ingredients are listed in parts. If you want to make a small batch, start with a small "part", like a tablespoon.  If you would like to make a bit more use a 1/4 cup measure as the part.    

Peaceful Dreams Tea

Sun, 2014-12-14 22:41 -- tmdowney
This recipe is for blending loose herbs to create a truly relaxing tea.  Perfect for the end of the day. All of these ingredients can be grown in your yard or garden. Create a tea garden to enjoy, right in your yard. The ingredients are listed by the amount of 'parts' used.  For a small batch, keep the 'part' size small, like a tablespoon.   For a larger batch, use a 1/4 or 1/2 cup for the 'part'. Enjoy!

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