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Pigs and Teenagers; What do they have in Common?

Wed, 2018-01-24 19:04 -- Carole Soule

Yesterday, I cautiously opened the pig house door thinking maybe more pigs had escaped.  No new pigs had escaped and the two previous escapees were waiting at the door to rejoin their buddies.

 We fed the escapees while we re-inforced the pens, again.  When all the repairs were done we put escaped pigs with their two sisters, Lil Biscuit and Scarlet.  They stayed put and today all six were still in their pen.

Now that all the pigs are staying put, feeding is easier.  It's never fun to worry about escaped pigs hanging out with the boar or heading down to the neighbor's house.  It seems those worries are behind us for now. 

Young pigs remind me of teenagers; very smart but hungry most of the time. At least with pigs we can use food as a motivator to get them to do what we want.

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