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Piglet Drama at the Farm

Sun, 2018-04-08 10:52 -- Carole Soule
The runt of the litter gets extra help

Disaster struck again last night and we lost a piglet to "squishing." At 4 1/2 pounds this boy was big for a piglet and he should have been able to avoid being laid on by his 700 pound mom.

The other "squishing victim," is living in a banana box in my office. Some farm visitors and I saved the runt of the litter when we heard him squealing pinned against the wall by his mother. I'm bottle feeding him and he is walking again. Dr. Elizabeth Taglauer, Fellow Neonatologist at Boston Children's Hospital, helped feed and care for the sick baby while she and her family stayed in the Farmhouse Inn.

The other nine piglets are doing well with their mom in the pig house.

Last night. April 9, at 2am, the injured piglet, now named "Squishy," graduated from his banana box to the bathtub.  Check out this video.

Squishy, the piglet, in the tub

The saga continues.  All of Squishy's siblings have joined him in the bathtub (April 9, 2018).  It seems that his mom was a bit careless and squished three more of his brothers and sisters.  To keep the death count down, I transferred the remaining lucky seven piglets to live with Squishy.

A pig pile in the bathtub

Unfortunately another one died in my care last night (April 10) so we are down to 6.  Watch this video of Bruce feeding them.

Feeding time in the bathtub for six little piggies

 On April 10 we moved all six surviving piglets to the heated porch.  This Saturday, April 14, they will be in the barn to greet visitors.  You may even be able to feed them (if they are hungry:-)

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