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Pig Roast and More

Wed, 2016-07-06 18:15 -- Carole Soule
Pig Roast

Last week we had our first ever pig roast with a pig born on the farm in February on the coldest day of 2016. To keep the piglets alive I kept them briefly in our bath tub. Last week one of these babies, now 170 pounds, was the subject of our pig roast. The pork was amazing, the best I've ever had. Our guests said the same thing.

Next week Pink 2.0, made famous in the column by Elodie Reed from the Concord Monitor, will make his final journey to be processed. It is sad to see the “wigglies” go but knowing they had a good life and will make wonderful bacon makes the five months of twice a day feeding, watering and managing them worthwhile. Knowing they are free from suffering is important to me.

I recently watched a video showing pigs at a factory processing plant that were still obviously alive during processing. If you buy “brand named” pork, ham or bacon it's almost certain that some of the pigs who provided the meat for your sandwich were processed this way. This will not be the case if you buy your pork or ham from a local farm. Try this. Ask the store for the name of the farm. If the store can give you a name you know the meat is local. If not, think twice about your purchase.

Piglets on pasture

Think of Pink 2.0 and his siblings when munching on your bacon. Local pork is happy pork besides it tastes better than anything you can get from a factory.



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