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Fri, 2018-01-19 18:29 -- Carole Soule
The Miles Smith Farm Delivery Truck

On Thursday I spent seven hours delivering beef, pork, and lamb to our wholesale customers.  Bruce and I do all of the deliveries and most of the farm work to save on salaries and workman's compensation. Farm work is considered dangerous so workman's compensation can be as much as $10 an hour in addition to wages.

Most of the time I don't mind doing the farm work or making deliveries.  The good part about deliveries is that I get to meet all the nice folks who sell our meat or serve it in their restaurant.  Two of our favorite restaurants are Flying Goose in New London and CR's in Hampton. If you eat out, I hope you choose a restaurant that sources local food like Flying Goose or CR's and ask what is local on the menu.  And be sure, if you see Miles Smith Farm delivery truck, to honk, "Hello!"  Most likely either Bruce or I will be driving making sure the meat gets delivered.  

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