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One Scared Pig

Mon, 2018-01-22 19:18 -- Carole Soule

Bringing new pigs to the farm in the winter is probably not a good idea, especially when fences aren't perfect.  We recently added five pigs to our pig herd which was a mistake for so many reasons.

Before we added these five little trouble maker pigs, our pig herd was content to stay put.  In the fall, before snow and ice grounded out the electric fence, the charge was strong and all the pigs got a powerful zap if they touched the fence. Pigs have great memories, and despite the weak charge, have not escaped, until we added five new pigs.

These new five pigs were only accustomed to woven wire and not electric fences so when we released them, they dove right through the wire.  After the first escape we got four of the five pigs back in their pen but one would not cooperate. She not only escaped but was so scared of us and the other pigs it took four of us to coax her into a closed area where we put her in a pet carrier and returned her to the original owner.

I have not given up on the other four.  Besides running through the fence, these new pigs also jump.  Want to see a pig fly?  Well, with graceful fluid leaps looked like they were flying as they cleared the walls inside the pig house.  We added boards to slow them down, a bit.  We didn't add enough boards and they escaped again but we'll keep reinforcing the walls and the fence to try to keep them contained. Even when they escape they hang out around the other pigs but my greatest fear is that the other pigs will follow the lead of these delinquents and that the good pigs will start escaping, too.  Pigs do learn from each other.

The four new pigs are cute, even if they are terrorizing the pig pen.  We'll see who wins.  Will the new pigs drive us crazy or will they settle in and stay put. I just have to remember that new pigs on the farm, in the winter, are not a good idea.

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