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MLK Day at the Farm

Mon, 2018-01-15 12:21 -- Carole Soule
Pigs Line Up for Breakfast

It seems like we have a holiday every week, or every other week in January.  We had an appointment at the meat processor for one cow and four pigs which we loaded in the trailer by 8:45 this morning. I was on my way when the email arrived saying,  "No one is at the plant today.  Please deliver the animals tomorrow."  Oops, it is Martin Luther King, Jr Day, (MLK) a national holiday.

Weekends melt into weekdays and holidays don't have much meaning when you're feeding 65 head of cattle, 22 hogs, assorted chickens, ducks, horses, and a cat.  More than the calendar, the weather dictates how we spend our time.  Cold weather means start all the equipment early to let it warm up and feed early.  In warm weather we scrape away the snow that has melted to water. Extreme frigid weather means get the torpedo heater out to thaw equipment and the occasional cow.  Lots of snow means feed the livestock between plowing and fixing the chains on the Bobcat. There are no calendar holidays on the farm so we didn't pay much attention to the arrival of MLK Day.

Fortunately Bruce, who is still recovering from his horse kick a few days ago, was at his computer monitoring email.  He called my cell phone as I was headed north.  I returned to the farm, unloaded the lucky cow and left the pigs in the trailer for the drive North tomorrow. 

Today has turned into something of  a holiday which just means we'll be doing more tomorrow.  So MLK Day might just turn out to be farm semi-holiday.  I wonder what eveyone else is doing today?

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