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Lou Gets His Head Stuck

Wed, 2018-01-10 18:52 -- Carole Soule
Lou is stuck in a gate

Warm weather means that frozen manure will soon turn to muck.  Tonight I checked the holding pen to see if the manure was thawed enough to scrape and found Lou, one of our yearling Highlanders with his head stuck in a gate.  I had left the chute open and apparently he shut the chute gate and got his head stuck trying to free himself.  I'd seen him at 11am this morning so he'd only been stuck a few hours but still he was frantic to get out.

It's odd how animals can get themselves stuck but the un-sticking is harder.  Both Bruce and I tried to angle his head but just as we almost had him out he would thrash and move forward.  We decided we had to cut the gate so Bruce used the Sawzall to cut one of the bars.  He was able to do this without hurting Lou but he did damage the gate.

Lou is free and maybe we can repair the gate.  Scraping the holding pen will have to wait until tomorrow assuming there is no more cow drama.


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