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Bombogensis Brisket

Fri, 2018-01-05 21:12 -- Carole Soule
Carole on the Cooks Corner Set

Today, in the middle of making deliveries to our wholesale customers I stopped in at WMUR for a Cook's Corner Segment.  While the title of this program is "Rib Roast with Vegetables," it really was "Bombogenesis Brisket."   

After the show, I continued finished the deliveries while Bruce was home plowing the snow left by the Bombogenesis storm we just had.

For those of you who saw this segment you'll know that I made a special offer to watchers.  If you missed or forget what I said you can watch the segement here.

While I was waiting to go on-air I watched Mike Cherry introduce my segment. 

Mike Cherry on the WMUR News Set

Here is the recipe.  And remember this pot roast is best made with grassfed beef!

Recipe for Bombogenesis Brisket:


Grass Fed Brisket (2-4 pounds)
Onion, chopped in wedges (optional)
Fresh garlic, 1-4 cloves, slivered
Root Vegetables: Potato, Carrot, Parsnip, Rutabaga or other root vegetable, cut in large chucks or nearly whole
Salt & Pepper

Pressure Cooker:
Put oil in the pot and braise the roast in the pressure cooker with the lid off

Add herbs and water to the roast. Cover and bring to maximum pressure. Estimate time at 20-25 minutes per pound (40 minutes per pound for Brisket) after the cooker has reached maximum pressure.  

Cool down pressure cooker when to the point you can open it, open cooker and add vegetables. Reseal and bring up to temperature and finish the roast with the vegetables (approximately 3-5 minutes at maximum pressure.)

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