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Bombogenesis Strikes

Thu, 2018-01-04 18:51 -- Carole Soule
The whole-farm generator only works when it's warm

Bombogenesis has arrived, as predicted, with all the wind, cold, and snow they said we would get. Although the power is not out, yet, we started the generator and we're not stopping it until this bombogenesis goes away. In most cases the generator auto starts when the power stops. But as Bruce prepared for this monster storm he discovered that the block heater on the generator had died. The generator (a contraption that provides electricity when the utilities don't) will power the entire farm but, because it's diesel, it hates the cold. The block heater keeps it warm enough to start; with temperatures below zero it would never start without a block heater so we started it this morning and it's still running as the wind howls and frigid air takes control.

They were right about the snow, seems like two feet fell in 10 minutes. The cattle all have places to shelter from the wind and should have gotten enough food today. We've been pushing up hay for them all day. And the pig water hydrant is still broken so we are shuttling water to their house twice a day. Tonight, as we have every night for a week, we turned on the pig's propane heater to help keep off the chill. The pigs seemed happy when we latched the door for the night.

Bombogenesis even challenged the Town plow that got stuck on our hill. Another plow truck rescued the stuck plow and then both trucks made a couple runs to clear the snow which, with the wind, will blow back across the road during the night.

So we are snug in our house with the generator purring out of ear shot. There is always the risk that the power will stay on but we'll never know.

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