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The Big Thaw

Fri, 2018-01-12 19:06 -- Carole Soule

What a difference a week makes.  I didn't even wear a jacket today, despite the rain. With warm weather the frozen manure turned to muck so last night I scrapped most of the holding pen and this morning, with Melissa's help (Bruce is still recovering from being kicked by a horse), I scraped the feed bunker pad.  I got most of the muck pushed into the manure pit.  The snow falling off the metal roof sounds like a freight train and scatters the yearlings as it falls.  Unfortunately the falling snow packs like cement and creates an ice dam that prevents rain water from draining.  We've tried everything to get the water to drain, but nothing has worked well.

Ice dams are keeping water in the holding pen too.  There is water everywhere and, because of ice and snow, the water sits where we don't want it.

Tomorrow I'll keep pushing the water around before it freezes, then I'll put down sand. Sand makes great bedding and helps keep yearling feet dry and coats clean. I am happy for warm weather, really I am, but even a January thaw comes with consequences. Our challenge is to clean up before the next freeze hits. Let the race begin!

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