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Just Two More Days

Sat, 2014-04-26 22:12 -- Carole Soule

I was reading the LRGHealthcare Joint Institute Patient Guidebook tonight.  I was wondering when I had stop drinking wine before my operation on Monday.   The only restriction is, no liquids after midnight the night before my hip replacement operation.  But the handbook did suggest that I loose weight and stop smoking before the surgery.  I've never smoked, but I have lost lots of weight....about 10 years's all back now.  So with just 72 hours till the surgery I don't think I'll be loosing any weight.

I'm using a crutch to help me get around the farm until my operation.   A crutch comes in handy when handling cows, a herding stick of sorts.  That is unless I put it down and loose it.

My surgeon, Dr. Hogan of Advanced Ortheopedics uses a procedure called MAKOplasty which involves a robot.   I keep asking for the hip replacement with internet connection built in.  The doctor keeps laughing at me.

But I think a constant internet source would be most valuable. I could always be connected that way...maybe that's not so great. But it is amazing that changing out used and warn out hips and knees is a reality. I'm so looking forward to walking crutch free again. Then I'll just have to worry about loosing my keys and maybe then about loosing some weight!

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