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We believe in conservation, not discarding. If any of these items are of interest to you, please call and speak to Carole or send a message in the contact form.

Unless otherwise stated, buyer is responsible for picking the item up at the farm.

We no longer need these, and thought someone else could make good use of them.

They will be going to the local dump on 3 Aug 2019 (Loudon NH).

NOTE: Cabinets found a new home - racks are still available.

Farming Equipment

Used Fuel Tanks
Asking: $150.00

These were purchased for a project we are no longer pursuing.

Asking: $600.00

This is used for spreading seed or other small granular solids. Turns out it doesn't fit on our tractor.

This is equiped for a 3-point-hitch and a PTO.

The "beater bar" is not included.

Good For Parts, Farming Equipment

Manure Spreader
Asking: $500.00

This is an International 125, and is good for parts only (the chassis is broken).

Contents optional.

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