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It Must Be February in New Hampshire

Wed, 2014-02-12 22:03 -- Carole Soule

It must be February in New Hampshire if I can't drink coffee while I'm driving. Well, I could drink coffee if I did't mind spilling it all over myself and the truck. Yes, February is when the frost heaves are so bad there is no possibility of drinking coffee except while sitting at a traffic light.

It's quite considerate of the nice road police to put helpful signs out warning of “Bump” and “Frost Heaves”. But of course all of the roads I drive between Loudon and Pittsfield are a continuous series of small bumps so I don't know why they bother. I guess it's cheaper to put out signs than to fix the heaves which act as perpetual speed bumps. The bumps seem to smooth out the faster the truck goes, but really, is it safe to drive 65 mph or more in a 30 mph zone?

So rather than break the speed limit I just wait until I reach my destination to gulp down coldish coffee and think fondly of springtime and smoother roads.

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