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Human Behavior Around Cattle

Mon, 2013-05-06 14:05 -- jbd

How should I behave around the cattle?


Cattle (and most non-household animals) take exception to the following actions and may move suddenly and unpredicably. Please avoid performing these actions when you are around our animals:

  • Sudden movements.
  • Loud noises.
  • Running (or moving quickly) toward them.
  • Waving your arms. (Highlander cattle look at our arms as equivalent to their horns; the movement of horns (our arms) is used to "warn" other cattle, so if you wave your arms around erratically, it may be interepreted as a challange, and they may return the challange or turn and run away.)

Additionally, avoid the following situations:

  • Getting between a cow and her calf.
  • Getting between a bull and a female cow.

Do not enter our fields without being escorted by one of our staff members.

A relatively good document on animal handling is Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling.


To other farmers: Our management principles are rather unique; please consult with the farm staff before entering the pastures or operating any equipment (gates, etc...) Also, we are a Bio-Security aware farm!


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