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Hip Hip Horray!

Fri, 2014-05-09 20:08 -- Carole Soule

Today I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Hogan at Advanced Ortheopodics. I had MAKOplasty left hip replacement by Dr Hogan last Monday, April 28, at LRGH.  I choose LRGH becasue they by local meat from Miles Smith Farm. I choose Dr. Hogan becasue he does great work.  Today he removed my stitches and remarked on my mobility. Amazingly I did not have to take any pain medicines today. No oxicodone for Carole, guess I won't be a drug addict after all. I did see my new hip for the first time. This one, in my left hip, is different from the right hip, as you can see.

Tomorrow I'lll be at the Concord Coop Spring Into Healthy Living Expo with our team and Clemintine, the cow, who will give cow rides to youngsters.   We wanted to bring Missy as well, but Missy is very very pregnant and exepcting any day now.


This should be a great day, even if it rains.   But rain will be ok with me.   I'm happy with my new body hardware and even more pleased to be out of pain.   On Sunday we pictup or 19 cattle that are hanging out at the Audubon pasture when they will be moooving to a new summer pasture.

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