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Grass vs. Grain

Tue, 2014-07-08 16:54 -- jbd

What is the difference between Grass Finished and Grain Finished?


All of our cattle are fed grass and hay (except when they're nursing from their mother). However, about six weeks before they are due to "go to market", some are fed grain to "fatten them up", thus increasing the marbling in their meat. The last six weeks (more or less) is called "finishing".

Miles Smith Farm is not equipped to grain feed cattle, so the animals that are grain fed usually come from one of our suppliers (typically PT Farm in North Haverhill, NH). The Scottish Highlanders and other cattle present at Miles Smith Farm never get grain.

Some people prefer the leaner meat that grass finished animals produce, others prefer the "juicer" meat produced by grain finishing. So we offer both kinds. Also, there is evidence that grass finished meat is more healthy than grain finished; our feeling is that either is fine for healthy humans; but some people are on fat reduced diets and still love meat.  Our product lines are designed for both.


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