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Sun, 2016-10-30 19:06 -- Carole Soule
Cattle need hay, not appliances

Farming is not just about raising cattle or vegetables. It's also about being frugal. “A penny saved is a penny earned,” or “Waste not, Want not,” makes sense for farmers especially when it comes to household appliances and farm equipment. When you buy a new washer or stove or dishwasher I'm excited. That means your old appliance is now available to me.

Recently our washing machine broke. Within two days I had a used $50 dollar washer hooked up and working. Then the stove top broke. I got a perfectly good working stove for $50. Even if those work only for a few years I've not only saved money, I've reduced the load on the recycling center. I haven't bought a new appliance or car in years.

What this means is that I have more money to buy hay for my cattle. Cows don't care if I have an internet connected dishwasher. They do care if I'm late to feed them. They don't care if I have clean clothes. They do care if the water tub is empty.

When the body fell off, Bruce build a flat bed.

Then there is farm equipment. A working tractor is a good thing. Having a friend who can fix it is even better. Tractors, bobcats, ATVs eventually need repairs. The choice is to pay a repair shop to fix it, fix it yourself or have a friend who can. Bruce, my husband, has become quite clever at fixing and building things. He recently built a flat bed body on our pickup truck when the original bed fell off.

While cattle at Miles Smith Farm might not care about clean clothes and dishes, the rest of us do. So let me share my gratitude to all of you and encourage you to pass on that older, working equipment and those appliances to the rest of us.

Anyone have a working ATV they want to “re-purpose?”  Ours is offically broken.

Let me know how YOU are frugal?  Do you believe that a "penny saved is a penny earned?"

An ATV is a farmer's friend but his one is broken


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