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Fri, 2018-03-02 18:33 -- Carole Soule
Carole dressed in winter farm fashion

Despite the mini heat wave this winter, it's still cold outside. Required farm winter-wear includes a washable coat, a hat and sometimes overalls.  My winter hat is a fur-lined cap with ear flaps that snap together under my chin.  In summer I trade up to a baseball cap which I wear almost always, not because I want to wear it, but because 'hat head'  etiquette prevails.  Put on a hat and even after taking it off your hair remembers.  Therefore once put on, it stays on.  I have two kinds of hats; a farm cap and a town cap.   The farm cap has a frayed brim from frequent washing.  With perfect timing and a well-planned tail swish, my hat and face will wear green manure. The town hat is usually cleaner and less frayed.

In my opinion, life without mirrors would be a perfect life. Just the other day I made no less than three wardrobe changes after looking in the mirror. I was preparing for a WMUR TV Cook's Corner filming and decided at the last minute to check the mirror.  The first shirt, my favorite, had huge stains; must have worn it when I was grooming a cow. The second shirt had a drip; must have worn it eating spaghetti.  The last shirt was not my favorite, but it was clean. I suppose mirrors are a necessary evil as without checking I would have worn a stained shirt on TV.

Washing clothes is easy. Cleaning boots, not so much.  My year-old farm boots leak, so I had to wear my 'town boots' to clean the pig pen. My feet sunk six-inches into the pig muck as I worked.  When done I hosed them off but think it might be time to buy a new, less smelly pair of boots for 'in-town' wear.

My idea of dress up is a pair of cargo pants, a drip-free shirt, clean hat and manure-free boots.  While I still look like a farmer when I go to events, I consider everyone lucky when I dress in clean clothes.  At least they see me before they smell me!

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