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Fair Season

Tue, 2016-09-06 20:53 -- Carole Soule
Our Barn at the Hopkinton State Fair

JoJo squeezed into the trailer under his mom and Star pushed her way into the front of the trailer. None of the cattle minded shoving their way into the trailer for the ride home from the Hopkinton Fair.

Four Days at the Fair

The cattle had just spent four days in the Fair barns and were ready to go home. While in the barns we farmer humans brushed, fed and watered them and visitor humans petted and scratched them. The cattle were pampered during the fair but it was time to go home and all twelve of them were ready.

JoJo snoozes in the Fair barn

Nervous Cattle

When we arrived four days earlier, on Thursday night, all of the cattle were fascinated by the other cattle and Fair sounds. Almost immediately visitors flocked around our hairy, long horned beasts. Most were in awe of their long horns. While standing next to Moo-Stash, one of my oxen, he swung his head lifting his two foot horns over my head to avoid hitting me. Horns are not a problem if you have gentle animals who respect your space. Sometimes when Topper, my four year oxen, is impatient he'll nudge me with one horn to say, “Let's do something, don't just stand there.” He did that a couple of times at the beginning of the Fair. By the fourth day he was happy to stand quietly waiting for his turn in the ring. All of our cattle got ribbons in the show ring.  Some of the cattle where judged in beef classes and some in working steer classes.

Topper and MooStash, a team of oxen

Ready to Go Home

Just as the cattle were exhausted at the end of the four day fair, so were the exhibitors. Fairs are marathons for farmers so we were glad to be on our way home. Enjoy your cotton candy and 4-H BBQ chicken at the next fair but think kindly of the rest of us living at the Fair grounds for five days where we pamper our livestock during the day and sleep in tents and campers at night. I'm not sure why I do it but you'll see me next year, same time, same barn at Hopkinton. Now to get ready for the Deerfield Fair.

Our Barn at the Fair

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