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Edible Flowers & Herbs

Welcome to the newest addition at Miles Smith Farm. We are partnering with Terra Basics to provide Edible Flowers, Herbs and Produce.  

Our largest crop is edible flowers and herbs, followed by a small selection of vegetables.  Please enjoy browsing the selection.  Please note that these items have a specific season and are not always available. Please ask for availability.    

Currently available items are Highlighted.

CONTACT US with your order or for a Price List


Edible Flowers & Leaves


 Arugula Flower  3/4"-1" across

BeeBalm Flower

Borage (FWR & LEAF) 



Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)

 Johnny Jump-up


Mustard Flower

Nasturium Flower

Nasturium Leaf

Oregano Flower

 Sage Flower

Spearmint Flower

Radish Flower

 Red Clover

Rose petals

Violets (Blue & White)

Violet Leaf



Fresh Herbs


Basil - large leaf

Basil - Lemon


 Chives with blossom


Dill weed &/or umbrels

Fennel Weed (Green)

Bronze Fennel (reddish brown)

 Lemon Balm


 Oregano - savory

  Oregano - Greek (Spicy)



Salad Burnet  Limited Quantity


Summer savory  Limited Quantity





Arugula  Growing like crazy! 

Cherry Tomatoes

Slicing Tomatoes

Pickling Cucumbers

Garlic Scapes

 Garlic shoots

Garlic bulbs - just pulled

Kale - Dinosaur, Curly and Red Russian

Red Amaranth Greens (Specify large or small leaves)

Red Giant Mustard greens


Check back often as we incorporate pictures and descriptions of each item.

Please Contact us for a price list.



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