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Dress Up Your Pet Day

Sun, 2018-01-14 18:23 -- Carole Soule
Star gets a hat

Today, January 14, was National "Dress Up Your Pet" day.  Since this made it official I decided to do what I do on almost all holidays, dress up one of my heifers.  I had some great help from two St. Pauls School students and good friend of the farm, Trish Taylor. We chose Star, a two year old Scottish Highlander heifer as our "victim" and you can see by the picture, she was a bit reluctant.

It's great to have free time that is not devoted to survival. In fact, Bruce stayed inside all day still recovering from his encounter with a horse's hoof, while I did the chores with help from Trish.  Today I also had time to deliver a Scottish Highlander bull to a local farmer.  I sometimes loan out my bulls to farmers who would like September or October calves. I  hung out with the horses and gave rides on Curious Bleu.  Check out this video

There was no farm drama today unless you count Star's objection being dressed up.  Have you dressed up a "pet."  I think they like the attention.  What do you think?

Star poses for "Dress Up Your Pet" Day

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