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Dancing on Ice at the Farm

Thu, 2018-01-25 19:05 -- Carole Soule

With a winter thaw comes ice.

I must have looked like a penguin as I shuffled in tiny little steps around our ice covered barn yard. Skates might have come in handy. Even after sanding there are icy patches the sander couldn't reach. 

I haven't fallen yet but Bruce took a dive into a round bale as he was heading off an escaping steer at feeding time.  The steer stopped on the ice and Bruce, after he recovered from his fall, was able to literally slide the puzzled steer back into the pasture.  

The pig house is at the top of a hill that was slick with ice.  Some of the pigs slipped and scrambled up the hill at feeding time.  I wasn't sure they would all make it but they did.  Food is a great motivator.

Ice maybe hard to walk on but can be deadly for cattle.  A few years ago two of my pregnant cows died on the ice. One slipped, hit her head and died immediately.  The other split her pelvis.  We tried for days to save her but in the end couldn't.  A down cow is a dead cow and if the animal can't stand up it is almost impossible to save them.

So take care on the ice.  Instead of a hat, I've often thought wearing a helmet would be prudent when walking on ice.

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