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Cow Cuddles Are Free at Miles Smith Farm

Wed, 2019-01-23 08:18 -- Carole Soule

    Frustrated with your boss? Is your spouse ignoring you? Kids tuning you out? There's a program for you. Cuddle a cow. Yes, now it’s a thing.

    I heard about Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York which is now offering cow-and horse-cuddling sessions for a fee. Cuddling a horse and a cow simultaneously (which seems excessive to me) can cost $130 an hour, while cow cuddling alone is $90. That seems like a lot. After all, what's time to a cow?

    I was astounded that people would be willing to pay good money to cuddle a cow--but maybe it isn't so weird. My therapist is a big ox.

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Originally published in Fiddlehead, NH

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