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Bucky, the Butt Biter

Wed, 2016-08-10 13:46 -- Carole Soule

Bucky bit me on the butt the other day. When I turned around he was standing in the corner of the pen eating his grain with a look on his face, “Wasn't me. I don't know who bit you but it wasn't me.”

Bucky is a 500 pound boar which is a male pig. We had just brought him home to hang out with our sows. His previous owners assured me he was not aggressive and was very easy going and except for that one bite he has been the perfect gentleman. My butt was well padded so I wasn't too sore and since that first bite, he hasn't tried again. He's good with the sows and we hope to have a couple batches of piglets in late October.

Most of our 70 head of cattle are still in remote pastures munching on grass which is not growing very fast during this drought. Lack of rain might be enjoyable for beach goers but can be hard on grass growers. So far our pastures are holing out and with good grazing practices (and some rain) we should be able to graze into December again this year.

Our oxen, calves, pigs and horses are still here on the farm in Loudon. Stop by to see Bucky, the butt biter, every Saturday in August for Eat Local Month which is different from Eat Locals, which is frowned on. Stop by to say, “Hello,” to Bucky, his girl friends, the calves and, of course, Tazzy, the porch pig.

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